Affiliate F.A.Q.

How does the Affiliate Program Work?

After approval, a SnapShop affiliate can share their custom affiliate link either through their blog, email, or social media campaigns.  Once shared, any referrals that click through and purchase a subscription will generate a paid commission.

How are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid to the address and entity/person we have on file with the registered w9.  Our affiliate program is limited only to individuals with U.S. Tax ID’s and the ability to properly fill out our W9.

Why do I need to submit a W9 with Ashley Ann Photography to participate in your Affiliate Program?

All vendors (individuals or businesses) that Ashley Ann Photography has paid $600 dollars or more to we must send a 1099-Misc to at the end of the year. The exception of this would be corporations in which we still need a W9 to prove your corporate status.

Please fill out the following information in order for us to approve you as an affiliate or vendor. (In order to approve your affiliate or vendor account we need this W9 even if we haven’t reached a $600 threshold so we have accurate information in which to send payment)

What are some ways I can be successful as an affiliate?

  • Share a personal story about how SnapShop has benefited you then share your code.
  • Promote SnapShop as a gift for a specific holiday

How do I join the Affiliate Program:

Click here to join!


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