DSLR {the basics of manual shooting}

Designed for the beginner photographer, this course covers composition, story telling and shooting in Manual as you capture your days.

This course is for those that the words “aperture”, “shutter speed” and “ISO” sound like a foreign language, but one they would like to learn to speak. It is for those that are captivated by photographs that tell a story and dream of capturing the beauty of their own everyday life.  In this course, you will find original content that I have developed over several years.

The majority of all the lessons you will find in SnapShop are based on what you will learn in this foundation course. I’ve been teaching the SnapShop: DSLR course for eight years and have relished every minute. The course began as a Saturday workshop in my home. In 2011, I introduced the online version. And in 2013, I began offering an online phone photography version of the course. After many years of teaching and answering questions, I’ve continued to add and edit the content you will find in this DSLR course. I have loved helping individuals gain a basic understanding of their cameras in order to be able to capture the beauty of their everyday lives. Thank you for joining me on this venture, and I hope you leave this course empowered to get off Automatic shooting and tackle the Manual mode.

Below you will find links to each lesson in the DSLR photography course. I recommend beginning with “1:1 get to know your camera” and going in order from there. Keep note of where you stop, so you can quickly start back up where you left off.

Composition & Storytelling

Shooting In Manual

All The Rest

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