Phone course {tips & tricks for daily life}

With phones always nearby, this course was designed to help you make the most of your phone camera as you photograph life happening around you. We (Kristin Rogers and Ashley Campbell) are thrilled to join together to share our approaches to capturing daily life with our phone cameras in hopes that it helps you.

When we began tossing around the idea of writing this course, we thought long and hard about what we wanted students to gain. The DSLR course combines storytelling and composition with learning the key components of shooting in manual. We knew we wanted this course to also focus on the foundational aspects of composition and storytelling, but regardless of the camera. We wanted a course not written just for the photography junkie, but for the mom, grandma, and dad that never reads blogs or stalks photographers on Instagram. We wanted a course that provided basic tools to help anyone capture moments in an engaging and interesting way.

As we began researching the phone options available right now, it became very clear that phone camera technology changes almost instantly. Instead of spending time discussing all the extra things that certain phone cameras include and comparing the differences between phones, we will spend our time on the basics of photography.

This course is written for the person wanting to learn how to use their phone camera in a more effective way when it comes to capturing everyday moments. What you learn in this course can be applied to any camera, but it is written from the perspective that you are using your phone to capture your images.

We are thrilled to have you join us!

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