SnapShop Kids {FAQ}

We are thrilled you are interested in the SnapShop Kids course. Naturally, you might have questions before enrolling your child or children. We hope to answer your most common questions here. Please contact us if your question is not answered.

What is SnapShop Kids?

SnapShop Kids is a 30 lesson, self-paced photography course designed for kids. The written lessons can be divided up over a month, 5 days for 6 weeks, or whatever works best for your schedule. Lessons begin with basic introductions to photography concepts and then get more advanced. This is not a course for learning to shoot manual, but is instead designed for phones, tablets, and basic cameras using the automatic settings. All content is text and image based.

How long is a lesson?

Each lesson takes about 5 minutes to read and includes a “Today’s Task” – like a homework assignment to get students practicing. They can spend a little or a lot of time practicing each day. Lessons also include notes to parents with links to related adult SnapShop content.

What do the lessons cover?

Visit the SnapShop Kids Table of Contents page for a complete list of the lessons. Kids will learn basic things like exposure, how to focus, and common composition rules. We go over the differences in lighting and how to capture fun things like movement and water. Students will take time to capture specific things related to their daily lives – like what they are thankful for and how to tell their story through photography. We also discuss respecting others with our cameras and ways to use photography as a gift for others. We encourage students to share what they are learning with their parents and give prompts for family discussions related to photography.

What are the ideal ages for the course?

The content was written with 8-12 year olds in mind. However, older kids can certainly take the course. With a little help from a parent, kids younger than 8 can also participate. There isn’t an age limit – young or old – you know your kids best! (And, honestly, we think adults might like this course as much as kids)

What kind of camera do students need?

Since most kids use some type of a tablet or phone, the course was written from the perspective of using a device or phone. Any camera can be used, but there are a couple lessons that primarily apply to phones and devices.

Do I need a separate membership for each of my kids?

Nope, you only need to sign up once and everyone living in your home can access the content. We do ask that you honor all the work we’ve put into developing SnapShop content by only sharing your login information with immediate family members living in your home. We work on the honor system in that regard.

Is the SnapShop Kids part of a regular SnapShop membership?

Yes! SnapShop is designed as a total resource for those looking to grow as a photographer. While you might join to enroll your kids, you will get access to all the other SnapShop content as well. This means you can take the adult Phone course or the DSLR course. Or both!

Can I register for SnapShop Kids, but not take the adult courses?

Yes. You can register and choose to only use the kid content. However, your membership will still include access to ALL SnapShop content. As an added bonus, throughout the kids course we link to related adult content, so you can dive deeper with your kids if you would like.

Can I join for 1 month and what is the cost?

Yes, but you will be responsible for cancelling your membership. SnapShop is set up as subscription based online photography school. After you pay the initial $50 registration fee, you will be charged $5.00 a month to maintain your membership. Your monthly membership fee will give you continual access to the Kids course, all adult courses, lessons, interviews, and regularly added new content. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW

Can I participate with my child?

Absolutely. The course can be done alone, but we encourage parents and siblings to do the lessons together. SnapShop Kids is actually really fun way to spend time together and learn alongside each other.

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